About Us


We are an interdenominational church. We believe in all Christian faith expressions. We are an online church and offer all kinds of worship and services through our website. Our Senior Pastor, Ramu Gorai, formed this church to reach every person who needs to know about Christianity and to provide an easy way to seek after and follow GOD.


Ramu Gorai


Ramu Gorai is a Senior Pastor with more than 12 years of experience as a technical and science professional in the corporate sector and several other domains. He began practicing spirituality in his childhood, being trained in several Hindu spiritual processes. He knows God saved him from the Hindu religion and brought him to Christ so that he could accomplish His work on the earth. His early experiences with Jesus showed him that God had a specific purpose for his life.

Ramu hopes his story of transformation encourages people to become stronger in their faith and believe God more fully. Jesus Christ healed him from a life and death situation at a time in his life when he was all alone and feeling like a failure in his work and mission.

Through a dream, Mother Mary instructed Ramu to work for God and for His People. God’s Plan Church is the result of the directive given to him in that dream. It's a small initiative to do some social/spiritual work and to help him grow in his faith. He plans to preach sermons and provide online church services, all while continuing with his other online professions. Currently, he is studying Apologetics, Theology & Philosophy.

God blesses us and shows us his path, not just so we can better our own lives, but so we can also help make our society better. People who pursue generosity, improvement of communities, and peace in society are accomplishing tasks that are near to God’s heart. When we follow his plan, God’s hand is on our lives, and the small, cumulative differences we make lead to a better world for all of us.

We welcome you to God’s Plan Church. Thank you for stopping by and joining with God’s voice and work across the globe.

"Faith begins from the day you aware and open your eyes."

-- Ramu Gorai